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Today the world is facing another technological revolution. It was started years ago with the development of mobile phone and it has been continued by the development of smart phones and tablets enabling accessing Internet form mobile device (Mobile Internet). Due to such technologies we can access any information we want or need at any moment of time and wherever we are, at a reasonable price.

Why Mobile Pages

Unfortunately it is not true that the normal WWW pages looks good when accessed from mobile phones, smart phones or tables. Please look at your WWW portal, if you do not believe it. Mobile phones possess small screens and have limited ergonomics of usage what force companies to create portals dedicated for mobile devices. Mobile portals are no longer a gadget; they have become a must. It is very likely that each customer that will search for information about you, from a mobile device, and who in such situation will find the page not adjusted to the mobile device, next time at least in the first order he/she will search for needed information at your competitor whose portal is adjusted to the customer mobile phone.

Pulsar Mobile has a wide range of own programming tools, which enable development of any mobile site you want in short time and at reasonable price.

Why mobile sites not applications

In the beginning phase of smart phone expansion the world was dominated by the fashion of development of applications for those devices. However the future is not an application, it is a mobile site. Modern technology makes possible to create mobile sites which practically do not differ from applications. Building of sites which work correctly on all mobile devices is much cheaper and easier to maintain than building a number of versions of application (separate versions for different operational systems for mobile phones: Java, Android, Symbian, Windows 7, iOS, Blackberry etc).

Today it is possible to create the access to a mobile site in a way it works identical as for application - access through the icon in the phone menu. What is more, constantly dropping prices of mobile internet and the fact that modern phones are equipped with WiFi network make usage of mobile site cheap for a customer.

Advances Mobile portals

Pulsar mobile with its experienced graphical designers and programmers and with its advanced programming tools, can build complex mobile portals in the short time. We are a right partner for everyone who wants to make accessible his/her services on mobile devices.

Internet based simple mobile site generator GIXO.

Gixo is the Internet based mobile page generator available under the address: www.gixo.pl. The tool was developed by the company as a project supported with EU founds. The system enables easy and intuitive creation of a mobile page, even a complex one, and does not require any IT knowledge of a user. Each mobile page can contain any text, graphic or video content. The system enables also development of pages for content distribution; for example games, application, wallpapers, animations, video or ringtones for mobile devices. The system makes possible later editions of pages when it is needed and we also offer hosting of created mobile sites.

Gixo system recognizes the mobile device from which the mobile page is accessed and automatically formats and displays information and images in a way it will work correctly on that device. A customer who uses the system provides all the files in only one required format and then the system take care of their transformation for all the needed formats.

The unique functionality of Gixo system is the ability to place video on the developed mobile pages and the unique system for advertisement management.

The paid PRO pages are a tool dedicated mostly for the interactive agencies and enable development of complex mobile sites in own coloristic temples. They allow creation of mobile page with functions such as:

STD model does not allow usage of own coloristic templates and selling of electronic content. This model allows using wide range of provided templates which makes development of a mobile site even easier and faster for a customer. STD model is dedicated for:

Gixo provides also development of mobile site for free, for non-commercial purposes. This model provides some temples and enables creation of simple sites like business card or personal photo gallery.

Gixo was developed as a project co-financed by the European Union, within the activity 8.2 of Supporting Implementation of Electronic Business B2B; priority Informative Society- increasing innovativeness of economy, Operational Program Innovative Economy 2007-2012.




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