Pulsar Mobile

Contests and lotteries

Pulsar Mobile has a long experience with conducting SMS contest and lotteries with several dozen of successfully realized contests and lotteries on its account.

We offer full service of conducting SMS lotteries and contests: starting from the design of the game and communication with participants, through preparation of application, which will handle the game, to the obtaining of required legal agreements and permissions and the comprehensive conducting of the game with selection of laureates and delivering of rewards.

Long lasting experience in the field and possessing own team of animators enable the company to prepare interesting concept of a game, from very easy to a complex one, and to elaborate effective communication with participants.

The number of SMS sent in games prepared by the company already exceeded 10 million. Target group of participants were customers of all mobile operators in Poland.




Tankzors jest niesamowitą grą java, opartą na przeboju NES - Battle City