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Privacy policy

  1. Pulsar Mobile, the operator of www.pulsar.com.pl neither processes, nor offers access nor uses the www.pulsar.com.pl data for marketing purposes.
  2. User's data from the application questionnaire will be used only for statistical purposes.
  3. Pulsar Mobile web page uses the "cookies" technique.

    Cookie is a small file with information registered by the Pulsar Mobile server on the User's computer. Using the "cookies" option prohibits downloading User’s personal and address data nor any confidential information from his/her computer.

    Using the administrator tools the User can block the installation or remove installed "cookies", which will not block the use of the site www.pulsar.com.pl.

  4. The data obtained through analyzing server logs (IP address) will be only used for preparing statistics of viewing the Pulsar Mobile page and administering Pulsar Mobile server.
  5. The privacy policy of external pages, to which there are links on Pulsar Mobile pages is regulated by different law regulations.
  6. Changes in the personal data can be mailed to the server administrator to: .
  7. Questions regarding the privacy policy may be mailed to the server administrator: .
  8. If you decline to accept the above regulations, please do not use this page: